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A Gardening Companion

Flower Ref

A Gardening Companion

Like a green thumb, Flower Ref offers sun, soil and cultivation guidelines, as well as background information for each flower. Flower Ref identifies and celebrates flowers with beautiful high resolution images which may be shared or printed. Flower Ref helps with:

  • Plant Care guides
  • Common and Scientific names
  • Soil and watering guidelines
  • What fertilizer is best?
  • U.S.D.A. Grow Zones
  • Dictionary
  • High quality images

Flowers grown in optimum conditions are healthier, more resistant to disease. They provide longer lasting blooms that give color and beauty all season.

Safe. Hassle-free. No advertising. Privacy is respected.

Remembers Dates and Events

Mivents remembers dates and events in a fun, engaging way.

Set Early Warnings to remind you Minutes, Hours or Days before an event. Give yourself time, arrive early, ready for meetings and appointments. Features auto-repeat for birthdays, anniversaries, repeating meetings. Image picker makes each event individually skinnable. Supports built in holidays and custom events. Set a date or event, Mivents helps you remember. . .

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays
  • Meetings
  • Vacations
  • Graduations
  • Custom Events

Mivents helps ensure that important things are not forgotten. For iPhone and iPad.

Helps keep health on track

Pill Pourri manages pills, medicines and vitamins for better health. Pill Pourri helps...

  • Keep a list of meds, dosages, Doctors, pharmacies handy.
  • Send alerts for meds and times.
  • Jot notes and questions to have with you when you see the doctor.
  • Print a paper copy when needed.
  • Take photos and zoom in to read fine print.

Need to take something at a certain time?
Need to take something with food? Or without?
Track which Doctor issued which med, and why?
Need to help a forgetful relative with their meds?

Pill Pourri helps keep health on track.

No advertisements or hassles. For personal use. All information is kept private, not shared.

Helps home maintenance get done

Home Maint helps home maintenance get done instead of falling through the cracks. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. . . each season brings tasks that need taking care of. For example:

  • Spring lawn Care
  • Lawn mower tuneup
  • Air conditioner service
  • Furnace tuneup
  • Deck care
  • Refrigerator filter
  • Garage door lubrication

Good maintenance helps things run smooth and extends the life of equipment. It improves efficiency, saving energy and money.

Quick Contact Manager

CPC Canvas is a simple contact manager. It helps reach out to the community to engage people, determine interests, and identify needs and concerns that people may have. It runs on mobile devices and uses screens to replace paper for taking notes.